Streets ahead



DuraFlex’s uniquely flexible supply chain can be adapted to meet the needs of customers all over the world.

Our in-depth understanding of the global waste container market comes from our 25 years of leadership in the OEM and replacement lid sector. Now, the DuraFlex bin can be adapted in design and supply chain solution to meet the specific needs of customers wherever they may be. Thousands of Duraflex bins have been shipped to the Middle East, Far East and Africa to meet local market needs.

Features of our unique service include:

  • Flat-pack solutions: Customers with the ability to weld their own bins can benefit from reduced costs, better freight rates and the market advantage of local added-value by purchasing complete DuraFlex bin kits in flat-pack form.
  • Variable wall thicknesses: Bins can be manufactured in greater or lesser wall thicknesses depending on market demand.
  • Handle options: The DuraFlex bin’s standard Danish handle option can be modified to suit local market need.
  • Trunnions: The DuraFlex bin can optionally be supplied with high quality DIN points for alternative lifting systems.
  • Galvanising: Customers preferring to galvanise locally can improve cash flow and increase local content by taking delivery of ungalvanised DuraFlex bins.
  • Own-branding: Local market presence can be enhanced by including multi-positional embossing of the customer’s own brane (subject to quantity).