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Customer Service

Customer Service

At DuraFlex we understand what great customer service means.

We know our Customers and we know what’s important. Reliability and availability are what make us stand out from the rest. Our service is based on a number of core values which guarantee you get the best from our relationship

Reliability: Network and systems reliability is central to delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Confidence: We know our industry and we know our products which enables us to provide you with outstanding customer service, help and advice.

Trust: Over the years we have built a reputation for being responsive and delivering on what we agree. It’s this commitment to our customers, and to delivering a first-class service, which is important to us in building relationships.

Personality: Whatever your requirement, our friendly team of service advisors, product designers and technical experts, will be able to help with your enquiry.

Talk to us about your next requirement, so that we can deliver on time for you.